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000 mobile SUICA users; 2127 JR Stations SUICA enabled; 22,150 offline Shops and 7,000 online Shop accept SUICA November 14th, 2007: NXP Semiconductors and Sony create Moversa, a joint venture for universal contactless solutions. March 2008: More than 50 % of all Handset support mobile Felica; Mobile Felica will be integrated into each new handset. By starting with contactless cards, the rollout process was not as complicated as when using mobile Felica handsets only. In case you are heading for low-level protocol programming, have a look at these two projects at Sourceforge, using the PaSoRi Reader Driver. 000 electronic payments/day in offline Shops/POS April 1st, 2007: 20 Mio. Terms Felica: Felcia (Felicity Card) is a contactless smartcard (PICC) produced of Sony.

It works fast, convenient and you can use it for payment and ticketing. A Brief History on the Success of Felica in Japan November 18th, 2001: Introduction of SUICA (Super Urban Intelligent Card) at Japan Rail; 424 stations involved. Due the big success of mobile Felica in NTT’s devices, the other operators got under pressure had to licence the technology, which is good business for Sony/NTT. The card is neither compatible with ISO14443-A or –B but is now covered in the ISO/IEC 18092 for NFC. Assuming that Japan has a population of 128 Mio, the market penetration is around 83 % bitwallet android. October 2003 – February 2004: Setup of Felica Networks, a Trusted Service Manager for Felica (by Sony and NTTDoCoMo).

And although there are thousands of people walking thru the gates, the system works very reliable. So far for the technology – let’s have a look at the Felic Business Side bitwallet android. Similar to the Mifare Application Directory (MAD), Felica cards hold a Service Code List (SCL) indicating the applications on the card.aelf.
. Felica Networks is running the Trusted Service Management (TSM) for the Felica Ecosystem consisting for contactless readers, cards and handsets. With the SDK you are able to modify all this information on the cards. .


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